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Pledge Class Spring 1975




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Phi Lambda Chi

Pledge Class Spring 1975



Patricia Bertram

Diane Marquardt

Edith Kraat

Jonnette Garris

Barb Kuratnick

Donna Adams



The name below are from a 1977-1978 Composite

We are unable to identify which Pledge Classes they belong to,

but estimate they must range from 1975-1978.

If you can help with any information, please email me

Robin Abramowitz

Dee Ann Barnhart

Kathleen Benner

Family Tree 13

Sheryl Bernstein

Karen Bruno

Theresa Bull

Family Tree 6

Laura Crowley

Family Tree 19

Ann Dolan

Audrey Donahue

Robyn Ekings

Karen Jones

Karen Kerzner

Ann Peek

Donna Konieczny

Family Tree 13

Ann Laurencelle

Cynthia Laux

Therese Maleady

Family Tree 6

Eileen Malet

Theresa McKenna

Patricia Montani

Eileen Bosch

Kathleen Morley

Eileen O'Connor

Jill Ottney

Lisa Ragazzo

Michelle Scott

Diane Stebick

Diane Walsh

Family Tree 14




Alumni Spotlights:


Jennifer Mahran, Spring 87
 Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia